Relaunching Rujubu's View

The former incarnation of this blog was stagnate. After more than a year and a half without any new posts, I took it down until I had something new to say. That was preferable to letting it become another neglected site collecting dust on the shelves of the World Wide Web.

As of today, Rujubu's View is back.

Why now? The past few months have been a period of renewal for me and I find myself very excited about Ruby and Rails again. RVM and Bundler have made it incredibly easy to experiment with and test on various Ruby interpreters and combinations of gems. I've been exploring Cucumber and finding it to be an extremely useful--and enjoyable--companion to RSpec.

The release of Rails 3, of course, has given me a big shot of enthusiasm. I have been using it full-time since Beta 3 and am really liking the refinements and new features it brings to the table. The changes to ActiveRecord, in particular the addition of Active Relation, have allowed me to refactor some ugly, complex code to be much more readable and maintainable. The new routing system has also been a joy to work with.

And then there was the release of Ruby 1.9.2. This is the first 1.9 release that I feel comfortable putting into production. Now that the mysql2 gets rid of the encoding issues that showed up with the old mysql gem and Ruby 1.9, I'll be doing that very soon.

I'm inspired by the projects and releases I mentioned above as well as a lot of others. It's an exciting time to be part of the Ruby and Rails community! I have several projects and ideas for articles in the queue and I'll be posting them as they come to fruition.

Welcome back. We're going to have fun.